Fraud Reporting


Fraud is any intentional deception designed to deprive the United States of something of value or to secure from The United States for an individual a benefit, privilege, allowance, or consideration to which he or she is not entitled.  Deceit, trickery, or breach of confidence, used to gain some unfair or dishonest advantage.  Any illegal act that causes HUD to lose taxpayer monies.

Want to report fraud/make a complaint?  Do you know someone who…

  • Doesn’t report their total income?
  • Doesn’t report everyone living in the household?
  • Rents or sublets their apartment.
  • Steals time, money, or resources from the Niceville Housing Authority?
  • Pays or accepts bribes.



                                    Phone  (850) 678-7816

                                    Mail  Niceville Housing Authority Fraud Prevention
                                             500 Boyd Circle
                                             Niceville, FL  32578

All residents and the Public are encouraged to report fraud, waste, abuse, and serious mismanagement that occur on any of Niceville Housing Authority Property to ensure that your taxpayer dollars are spent responsibility.

Report incidences of fraud immediately…

The Niceville Housing Authority will investigate and help to eliminate corruption, criminal activity, conflicts of interest, and unethical conduct by Public Housing Authority officers, employees, residents, and others who are doing business with or receiving federal funds from the Niceville Housing Authority.


All complaints are kept confidential.

The Niceville Housing Authority will work diligently to protect the identities of complainants, or individuals who make reports.